Rena told everyone she was going to take me on a bike ride yesterday. So, what did she do? SHE FORGOT ME! How rude! I was sitting on the dresser, hiding behind a tiger statue like I always am, and she totally forgot me! If you want to hear about all the fun they had (WITHOUT ME!) you'll have to go to her blog because I'm not speaking to her right now! Well, not unless she gives me a pickle and apologizes!
7/23/2010 10:40:44 am

Poor Dilly. Just think how hot it was outside and how cool you probably were staying at home. I visited Ms. Rena's blog and saw the lovely pictures. She definitely needs to make it up to you by giving you some extra pickles. I don't think you would have found any pickles on the bike ride either. Maybe next time she won't forget - Mrs. E :)

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