When Rena was at Walt Disney World recently, she visited the Animal Kingdom a few times. There's a place where people can watch vets behind glass working with animals. Usually, it's just routine check-ups, but every now and then they do a surgery. I guess that's pretty exciting stuff for some. I know it is for Rena because she used to work for a vet. She loves that sort of stuff.

While she was there she watched a little brown rat, just like me, have some skin tumors removed. They put him in a little cone to help him go to sleep with a special gas. The silly little guy darted out at first, but they got him back in and soon he was snoozing like a baby. Then they shaved the area and removed the tumors. A lot of people were freaked out by this, but Rena was really interested. It didn't take long for him to wake up again, either.

Here's a picture of him, but rest assured -- he's just sleeping! He woke up full of spunk afterwards. And just look at his little feet. They look just like mine! Apparently, this little rat works for Disney and they use him to teach kids about small animals. I wonder if Mickey knows about this?