I hope you're all well. I'm doing good. Enjoying my job, my friends, and of course, my sour pickles. I'm excited for my next book, A Dinner Date with Dilly. I've got a date and it's gonna be great! :)

I've uploaded the new trailer for A New Friend for Dilly. I hope you enjoy watching it!

I'm sorry I haven't posted since ... well, forever it seems like! I hope to get better. In the meantime, please note that I've updated my website with the newest book, A NEW FRIEND FOR DILLY. I hope to get a video trailer up soon.

Also, Rena included a picture of my first book, A NEW JOB FOR DILLY with a sweet little girl on her blog today. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it @


Thanks for reading. Now I'm off to get a spicy dill pickle for a snack! :)
As some of you know, A NEW FRIEND FOR DILLY was due to be released July 1st, but we've hit a delay and are changing illustrators. Ginger Nielson has graciously taken over the job of drawing Dilly and is in the process of illustrating the second book. I've seen a few samples and it looks like it's going to be just as cute as the first one. Here is a sample of the cover, although it's a little fuzzy. I'll try to get another version soon to post on the website, my blog, and so forth. I was sorry to see Dilly's first illustrator Lisa Oakman go, but I'm sure Ginger will give our little, pickle-loving rat just as much charm and personality.
When Rena was at Walt Disney World recently, she visited the Animal Kingdom a few times. There's a place where people can watch vets behind glass working with animals. Usually, it's just routine check-ups, but every now and then they do a surgery. I guess that's pretty exciting stuff for some. I know it is for Rena because she used to work for a vet. She loves that sort of stuff.

While she was there she watched a little brown rat, just like me, have some skin tumors removed. They put him in a little cone to help him go to sleep with a special gas. The silly little guy darted out at first, but they got him back in and soon he was snoozing like a baby. Then they shaved the area and removed the tumors. A lot of people were freaked out by this, but Rena was really interested. It didn't take long for him to wake up again, either.

Here's a picture of him, but rest assured -- he's just sleeping! He woke up full of spunk afterwards. And just look at his little feet. They look just like mine! Apparently, this little rat works for Disney and they use him to teach kids about small animals. I wonder if Mickey knows about this?
Hey everyone! If you'd like to host ME (kind of like that weird dude Flat Stanley), then check out Rena's blog @ http://renajjones.blogspot.com/2011/01/friends-for-dilly.html

I'd love to visit some of you!
Nothing is official and no contracts have been signed yet, but ... there is a possibility I might have a fourth book coming out in the future. If it happens it will be called A NEW CITY FOR DILLY where I travel around the world, searching from A to Z for the perfect city.

I will keep you posted if it materializes! :)
Don't forget to check out my Activities page for craft projects. You can make ME for your Christmas tree. I'll even hold a candy cane for you!
Hi Everyone! I went to Glacier National Park yesterday. Yay! Rena didn't forget me this time like she did when she went on that cool bike ride. I rode in the kayaks, swam (well, sort of), posed for pictures, climbed up a cottonwood tree, and I even made a new friend!
That little frog looked just like my pickle -- all green and bumpy! We had a lot of fun together bouncing around on the rocks. But after awhile, he got hot and went back into the lake to cool off. It was a fun day!
I'm curious what your favorite type of pickle is? I like sour pickles, and the more sour, the better! I especially love them whole, but will eat them any shape or size. How about you?